Thursday links: The sexy time Thanksgiving edition…

Posted November 23rd, 2006 in Dailydump by davecopeland

Thursday links: The sexy time Thanksgiving edition…

Michelle Malkin: What American journalists should be thankful for

“In between breathless condemnations of the Bush administration for stifling its free speech, endless court filings demanding classified and sensitive information from the military and intelligence agencies, and self-pitying media industry confabs bemoaning their hemorrhaging circulations (with the exception of the New York Post), my colleagues in the American media don’t have much to time to give thanks.”

BuzzMachine: Giving up on newspapers

“Jonathan Weber writes a damned good post explain why he is disappointed in the Yahoo/newspaper deal

eioba: 50 Mistakes Men Make While Having Sex

“Just in case you thought the route to sexual bliss was straightforward, here’s a list of things to avoid. They’re all pretty much guaranteed passion killers for a woman – and if your check list contains more than ten of these, you’ve got some serious work to do on your sexual etiquette!”

Dethroner: Sex Advice from a Duneons & Dragons Player

Someone from Nerve.com asked me if I played D&D and if I’d be willing to participate in their “Sex Advice from a…” column. (The theme, this time, being “…from a D&D Player.”) I just got an email from her editor saying “we need some responses that aren’t so related to the game Dungeons & Dragons.” They ask for comedy gold, yet I had already given them comedy platinum! (And they would obviously rather laugh at someone than laugh with them.) So fuck ‘em. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Make: Hundreds of hand drawn turkeys

“Hah, this is awesome – a teaching assistant for a Psych class adds an extra page to an exam and says “draw a turkey” – here are the results, hundreds of hand-drawn turkeys (scanned, posted to Flickr)….”

Instructables: How To Fry A Turkey

“This is somthing I learned from family in Louisiana. I think it tastes better than baking, and its quite a bit faster as well!”

The Morning News: Potluck Writers

“Following their example, we decided to share the burden for our Thanksgiving feast, as well. We set a table for eight and invited our contributing writers to participate, doling out assignments for cranberries and pumpkin pie left and right. The only rule: They had to mention the name of their assigned dish once in the piece. Other than that, they were on their own. So pull up a chair and dig in. And watch out for those dinner rolls. They’re…well, you’ll see.”

Lifehack.org: How to Ruin Your Career In Five Easy Steps

“If you’ve had six different jobs in the last 18 months and the only thing that is the same at each job is you, there may be a problem.”

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