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Wired: Microsoft Sends Secret Dossier on Reporter, to Reporter

As journalistic windfalls go this is about as good as it gets. There I was writing a story about how Microsoft is on the cutting edge of using the Internet to become more transparent, and there in front of me are the briefing documents they are using to manage the story. The timing was so fortuitous that I wondered whether it was intentional. When I told Microsoft about it, they convincingly told me it was not.

Techdirt: Driving While Texting Bans Starting To Take Off

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that the Washington state legislature was considering a ban on driving while texting, and now some politicians in New Jersey want to see the same for their state. Of course, these laws are just the latest in a long strong of laws that are designed to make it illegal to drive while distracted. Except, of course, you can’t have a blanket law that makes it illegal to be distracted — that would be impossible — so legislatures are trying to accomplish this in piecemeal fashion, going after one distraction at a time.

Lifehack.org: What should I say?

What should I say? is a website that is the metafilter of giving advice. It works in the following way: users that are faced with a difficult conversation describe the conversation, then the readers leave their comments and give advice about how they handled similar situations.

CNNMoney.com: The art of landing a great airfare

It’s never too early to think about a spring get-away or start planning your summer vacation. Last year was the pits for air travelers, from lost luggage to long delays. But we’ll tell you what you can expect this year and how you can get ready.

Sex Drive Daily: Volume Matters

Forget inches. The new way to measure male endowment may be all about volume.

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