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Posted August 25th, 2010 in Random by Muhammad84G

Happy I got a couple of trips in to the Gallows before all the good press. Even happier that the reviews for Seth have been glowing.

Another Globe article raises an interesting question: What’s in your chef’s favorite fridge?

Not that anyone asked, but here’s a look at mine:

My fridge, 8/25/10

May be a bit too geeky for me, but an application to organize your to-do list via Gmail looks intriguing.

Your brain on computers: I think most of us suspected tech robs us of much-needed down time (coming from the guy who has been up since 5 am because I awoke with a start and remembered an email I just HAD to send at that very instant).

Philadelphia wants bloggers to pay a $300/year business tax. Other cash-strapped cities will probably follow.

Does Twitter make us communicate more effectively? When I have long-winded writing students I often do an exercise that forces them to edit sentences down to 140 characters or less. Which, I realize, is kind of, sort of, but not really borderline contradictory to what I told you the other day.

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