Eighth Feature Writing Lecture: Structure, Part Two of Two

Posted October 18th, 2010 in Teaching, Writing by Muhammad84G

This week’s lecture was tied into a draft of an article I wrote about Gary Zerola for Boston magazine in 2008. I had the students read the draft before they dove into the lecture.

From the lecture (both files are MS Word documents):

(Structure in nonfiction writing is) like a puzzle where you have so many facts and scenes and you have to put them all together. Fiction writers can make new parts if they find they’re missing stuff along the way, but you need to work with whatever you can find, and that takes lots of practice – years of practice, in fact. I’m not expecting you to master it in this course, but I’d at least like you to try. And, failing that, at least try to identify the structure and its many parts in everything you read and watch from this point forward.

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