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Posted January 8th, 2013 in Writing Page by davecopeland

In addition to online stories, I have extensive experience writing long-form, narrative nonfiction and feature articles, as well as commentary. Please contact me for additional writing samples and samples relevant to your current job openings. Updated January 8, 2013.

ReadWrite (formerly ReadWriteWeb)

  • How Facebook’s EdgeRank Changes Nearly Killed A U.K. CompanyA U.K. company that makes an app to help charities raise money says it may need some charity of its own, after nearly being run out of business because of changes to how Facebook lets it connect with its fans.
  • Facebook Tries To Silence Blogger To Cover Up Data Scandal: The Bulgarian blogger and digital rights activist who made headlines on Tuesday when he reported acquiring more than one million Facebook data entries for just $5, said Friday he is cooperating with Facebook as it conducts an internal investigation, but won’t comply with the company’s request to remove blog posts or not talk about the investigation.
  • How High School Students Use Facebook To Fool College Admissions Officials: College admissions officers have learned to check applicants’ Facebook profiles, and what they see there can have a negative impact on the students’ chances. Guess what? The kids are a step ahead of them.

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Daily Dot

  • Mexican Drug War Blogger Risks His Life Daily: When a fourth person turned up dead earlier this month in the Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo for posts made online about drug cartels, Ovemex was one of the first to report it. He was also very aware that his actions could put him grave danger: He might be the next social media reporter to be brutally killed by Los Zetas, the cartel suspected in the four brutal murders.
  • Fourth Blogger Killed In Nueveo Laredo: A Mexican blogger was found decapitated next to a statue in Nuevo Laredo Wednesday with a note saying he had been killed for information he posted online.

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Boston Globe

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