#unoriginal #unnecessary

Posted March 14th, 2013 in Facebook and tagged , , , , , , by davecopeland

Questions I have after the reports that Facebook is going to start incorporating the hashtag into its service in what amounts to a direct shot across the bow of Twitter:

  • As Facebook tries to look more and more like Twitter and Twitter tries to look more and more like Facebook, what the fuck’s the point of being on both?
  • Is Zuckerberg et al capable of an original idea? More and more, and from its inception on down the line, Facebook seems more about stealing good ideas and (sometimes) making them better. I don’t think this is one they can make better or worse, for that matter.
  • Isn’t the whole point of a hashtag to make content easier to search? Doesn’t this say something about the quality and usability of Facebook’s long-promised search engine? Hashtags are so simple they’re brilliant, but something tells me you’re not going to topple Google or Bing if you’re resorting to the rather low-tech hash tag.

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