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“I found (Dave Copeland) to be hard working, creative, and talented. He was especially skilled at taking complex subjects and making them easy to understand. His forte was interviewing subjects, getting into ‘their heads,’ and returning to write a magazine quality, nonfiction story that read much like a novel, but was based on facts.”

Pete Earley

Best-selling author of “The Hot House” and “Crazy”

Writing Samples

In addition to online stories, I have extensive experience writing long-form, narrative nonfiction and feature articles, as well as commentary. Please contact me for additional writing samples and samples relevant to your current job openings. Updated January 8, 2013.

ReadWrite (formerly ReadWriteWeb)

  • How Facebook’s EdgeRank Changes Nearly Killed A U.K. CompanyA U.K. company that makes an app to help charities raise money says it may need some charity of its own, after nearly being run out of business because of changes to how Facebook lets it connect with its fans.
  • Facebook Tries To Silence Blogger To Cover Up Data Scandal: The Bulgarian blogger and digital rights activist who made headlines on Tuesday when he reported acquiring more than one million Facebook data entries for just $5, said Friday he is cooperating with Facebook as it conducts an internal investigation, but won’t comply with the company’s request to remove blog posts or not talk about the investigation.
  • How High School Students Use Facebook To Fool College Admissions Officials: College admissions officers have learned to check applicants’ Facebook profiles, and what they see there can have a negative impact on the students’ chances. Guess what? The kids are a step ahead of them.

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Daily Dot

  • Mexican Drug War Blogger Risks His Life Daily: When a fourth person turned up dead earlier this month in the Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo for posts made online about drug cartels, Ovemex was one of the first to report it. He was also very aware that his actions could put him grave danger: He might be the next social media reporter to be brutally killed by Los Zetas, the cartel suspected in the four brutal murders.
  • Fourth Blogger Killed In Nueveo Laredo: A Mexican blogger was found decapitated next to a statue in Nuevo Laredo Wednesday with a note saying he had been killed for information he posted online.

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Boston Globe

I am an award-winning journalist and the author of “Blood & Volume: Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia,” (Barricade, 2007) which Publisher’s Weekly called a “thrilling guts-and-glory look inside the Israeli organized crime machine of 1980s New York City…The wild ride Copeland unfurls has all the insane highs and lows an audience familiar with Blow and Wiseguy expects, and they don’t disappoint…a story so entertaining that, were it not rooted in such ably handled characters — at once despicable, pitiable and human — it might be unbelievable.”

In addition to working as a staff writer at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1999-2004) and the Dow Jones News Service, my freelance writing has appeared in a wide range of national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The London Telegraph, The New York Post and Reason. Since 2008 I have been a correspondent for the Boston Globe, contributing articles to the business desk and other sections of the paper and Boston.com. Access all of my Globe articles by clicking here.

I am available for a wide-range of freelance writing and reporting assignments and equipped to work remotely. Please explore the clips on this page, view a PDF version of my most recent writing resume and contact me at 617-433-7851 if you would like additional writing samples or would like to discuss your specific need.


Latest Writing News For Dave Copeland

Fall 2011 Students: Be sure to visit my class and teaching Web site for course materials and other information about Intro to Journalism and Writing Rhetorically.

I recently started writing as a contributor for two publications that are worthy of inclusion on your RSS reader:

And I continue to work on Cut Off At The Salad Bar, which has already gotten some nibbles from some potential agents. More to come on that and perhaps even an extended excerpt.

Writing for Online Readers: The Most Important Rules

BlogWorld & New Media Expo Blog, June 21, 2011

I have less than 30 seconds to capture your attention with this post, so here goes: if you read some, most or all of the next 750 words or so, you will know how to write Web copy that is more useful to readers of your blog.

Online Readers Are Different

Seems pretty obvious, right? But the fact is, many of us still write the same way online as we do for books, magazine articles and other long-form and traditional print mediums. The fact is, recent research shows that online readers use vastly different sections of the brain than offline readers. In short, the brain is conditioned to skip around when online reading, as clicking on a link that will reward the brain with new images and content.

With offline readers, we can take our time and develop points with long blocks of text and narrative, and with fewer visual elements. Offline reading rewards the brain that slips into a state of deeper concentration.

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The Case Against Casanova

Boston Magazine, March 2008

He was once one of Boston’s (and People magazine’s) most eligible bachelors. This month, he’ll be back in court to face rape charges that have shocked his many admirers. But it turns out that with Gary Zerola, nothing was ever as it appeared.

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High school heroes, college zeroes: How standardized testing makes kids dumb

“I’m a bad writer,” Jillian told me on the first day of her freshman writing class a few falls ago.

“According to who?” I asked.

“All my high school teachers said so,” Jillian said, resigning herself to a semester of misery in my class.

Jillian, as it turns out, wasn’t a bad writer at all – she was a good writer who just needed some practice and confidence. My bigger challenges that semester teaching first-year composition courses at Bridgewater State College (now University) were the students who had been told by their high school teachers that they were good writers.

Because those students were often not good writers at all. They were good test takers, but in a public education system where everything is measured by standardized testing, students who follow a formula succeed in writing assignments while students like Jillian – who instinctively use writing as a critical thinking tool – suffer.
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Selected Clark Rockefeller Coverage, Summer 2008

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Faker’s ‘Son Of Sam’ Tie: Posed As Killer’s Brother

The New York Post, August 10, 2008

Creepy con man Clark Rockefeller posed as the long-lost brother of serial killer David Berkowitz and tried to use the Son of Sam’s Social Security number to get his Wall Street broker’s license.

The fake Rockefeller – born Christian Gerhartsreiter in Germany and jailed for allegedly kidnapping his daughter, “Snooks” – called the killer’s lawyer around 1985 claiming to need information to confirm that Berkowitz, who was adopted, was the sibling he never knew, the lawyer said.

Clark Rockefeller: The great pretender

The London Telegraph

When Clark Rockefeller made news after he abducted his daughter, he was believed to be a member of one of America’s “royal’ families. But the man of many aliases turns out to be no more than a German exchange student who never returned home – and went on to lead a life of deception.