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Three Steps To Better Grilled Meats

Posted June 7th, 2013 in Food

“Three Steps” is an occasional ColdBomb series where we offer three simple steps you can take to improve a skill set. Suggestions on steps we should take or topics we should cover in Three Steps? Email us.

Charred_and_ScruffedChef and author Adam Perry Lang tells NPR’s “Splendid Table” that too many chefs are obsessed with grill marks, when what they should really focus on is the crust across the entire surface of the cut of meat. That crust is caramelization, and caramelization is big flavor.

Perry appeared on the program to promote his new book, Charred & ScruffedWe’ve pulled the best three tips from his interview.

  1. Season meats going on the grill about ten minutes before you start cooking. Unlike cooking in a pan, where you can season just before you add the meat to the heat, a grill will burn off the freshly applied season. Giving salt and pepper or a salt-based rub time to sit on the surface of the meat  ”creates this glaze on the outside of the meat,” Lang said. “That’s one of the keys to creating this beautiful crust.”
  2. Flip early, flip often. Traditionally, we’ve been taught to limit the number of times we turn meat on the grill. Perry says he’s “constantly” flipping and basting with an herb brush. “I’m flipping it, constantly developing the crust, not drying it out, and also tempering the heat to go evenly through,” he said.
  3. Scruff meat before cooking. Lang lightly scores the surface of the meat which creates more surface area. The end result? “(A)ll kinds of nooks and crannies for a crust to develop: places where a baste or sauce could cling for extra flavor.”

Find out more and try a Recipe from Lang’s book: Rib Roast Done Like a Steak.


I Hope You Choke On Your Bacon

Posted June 6th, 2013 in Food

Over the past five years or so it has become trendy to fetishize bacon and the love of bacon. I’m hoping now that everyman bacon-maker Oscar Meyer has gotten onto the trend, it will have finally run its course. The company is offering bacon in gift boxes and running a marginally clever ad campaign that compares a gift of bacon to a gift of fine jewelry:

I’m not sure why the bacon-love annoys me, but it does. Perhaps it has to do with the double standard surrounding the sodium-laden pork product. If you add bacon to your Quarter Pounder With Cheese at McDonald’s, you’re a “fat slob.” But rename it “pork belly” and serve it on a small white plate with watermelon pearls and a drizzle of house-made habanero sauce, you’re a “foodie.”

What’s surprising is that after a few years of being used to sell everything from lip balm to condoms, it is only now dawning on Oscar Meyer that they can use the nation’s bacon obsession to sell….bacon.

For the record, we love bacon: we’re all for it on BLT’s, burgers or paired with some eggs, and we even once had bacon-flavored cotton candy that was surprisingly good. But it’s something we eat, in moderation; it’s not something that needs to be discussed ad nauseam, obsessed over, plastered on tee shirts or even celebrated. One of the saddest parts of the Internet is that any half funny joke is exploited and beaten to death through countless meme’s, all in the name of being ironic.

Put another way, shut up and eat.

Creative Commons photo via

Creative Commons photo via

The Hazards Of Broadcast Journalism [VIDEO]

Posted June 6th, 2013 in ColdBomb

Woman throws rocks, sicks dogs on Providence TV reporter. The woman had asked the reporter and cameraman to leave after they tried to ask her questions about an arrest made in the shooting death of her daughter.

Quick Hit Observation: Sports On The Radio

Posted June 6th, 2013 in Sports
Boston Red Sox radio announce and frequent Shaw's announcer Joe Castiglione. WEEI photo.

Boston Red Sox radio announcer and frequent Shaw’s endorser Joe Castiglione. WEEI photo.

We got out of dinner and back to the car with about two minutes left in the first period of the Bruins-Penguins game last night and immediately put it on the radio. When the period ended, we flipped over to the Red Sox game.

Here’s my conclusion:

  • Listening to hockey on the radio is like listening to an auctioneer.
  • Listening to baseball on the radio often resembles a visit with an elderly relative, complete with reminiscences of bygone days, mentions of obscure people, mundane observations of the weather and the occasional comment about what’s on sale at Shaw’s (the official supermarket of the Boston Red Sox).

That is all.

Keep Up With ColdBomb!

Posted June 5th, 2013 in ColdBomb

We’re still in soft-launch mode, but we are up and running on all the major social media fronts. Choose your favorite way (or all the ways) to keep up with ColdBomb:

What Your Facebook Profile Photo Says About You [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted June 5th, 2013 in Laugh

Courtesy of MyLife.

When you post a profile photo on your social network, what is it saying about you? Is it a photo you dug out of your 10-year-old scrapbook when you were younger and cuter? Is it showing off your fancy world traveling? Or is it the one of you with your friends but your friends are cropped out because you’re really the most important one anyway? We explore some of the most common profile photos seen around the web and reveal their meaning.

Enjoyed this infographic? Check out and explore our zip code and area code directories.

Man’s Man: Morgan Freeman On How To Lower Your Voice [VIDEO]

Posted June 4th, 2013 in Laugh

Hint: Yawn a lot.

Plus, words of wisdom: “If you’re talking just to hear the  sound of your own voice, you really don’t have anything to say.”

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